Tufte in D3.js

by Peter O'Connor

I’m currently trying to improve my D3.js skills. I had the idea of recreating some old data visualisations as this would be a real-world test, rather than the contrived examples set out in tutorials and courses.

Then the problem was which data visualisations should I recreate? We’re not exactly short for choice on this. Well, what better way than to consult the book on data visualisation The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and recreate those visualisations? This is the classic literature on data visualisation and it certainly kindled my love for the subject.

Below are some visualisations from the book, updated for the web using D3. I’ve updated the data sources where possible but have kept to the founding principles, I hope I’ve done them justice. I will keep adding charts as I develop my skills, so keep checking back for more.

Table of Contents

1. Graphical Excellence


Created by Peter O'Connor. CSS & fonts courtesy of the excellent Tufte CSS project. Many thanks also to Edward Tufte for his inspirational work. All errors are of course mine.