iTunes to Spotify Exporter

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Me... obvs.


An app that reads an iTunes library and creates equivalent playlists in Spotify.


Hosted on Heroku here.


Last updated on 8th January 2017. I am aware of a few issues as of late due to some changes in the Spotify API which I'll try and fix ASAP. Feel free to fork/branch and fix them yourself!


I had a situation where I had two repositories of music, one in iTunes for music that I had purchased, and one in Spotify for streaming. The latest iOS update made the music app look terrible, so I decided to combine the two in Spotify, but I didn't want to recreate playlists containing over 15,000 songs manually.


  1. Click the button to log in to Spotify.
  2. Export your iTunes playlists/library in .xml format: File > Library > Export Library…/Export Playlist…
  3. Upload the .xml file (don't worry, it isn't stored on the server so I can't judge your music taste 😉).
  4. Export the playlist/s to Spotify.
  5. 🎧 (Optional)